Ensure the real welFARe of the consumer

We are committed to channeling innovations to guide them to products and nutritional programs whose primary interest is the real welfare of the consumer.

This implies a need for ethics and sincerity that we strive to achieve every day in our various processes, including:

  • Ensure the selection of the best raw materials in the highest quality and security
  • Directing research and product development in directions really useful to consumers
  • Collaborate with teams of university and hospital research that ensure reliability of products and programs
  • Manufacture products in accordance with best practices, ensuring the highest safety and quality during production and controls
  • Offer our customers services and the most appropriate support to help them in their process of choice and use of products.

performance and flexibility

From raw material weighing to order preparation, BARIATRIX EUROPE’s production facility is capable of producing tailored products to tailored specifications (marketing, R&D) in a collaborative approach involving quality and purchasing departments to guarantee quality, competitive products.

  • High capacity, flexible manufacturing platform able to adapt to new markets
  • Cost and profitability optimisation to ensure best prices.

quality assurance

BARIATRIX EUROPE believes that product quality is a priority. Quality assurance management guarantees enhanced product know-how and food safety thanks to 3 fundamental components: ?

European & international systems & norms 

  • Intra-community approval number
  • HACCP risk assessment - food safety guarantee,
  • FDA (USA Food & Drug Administration) Certification
  • BIO Ecocert Certification
  • Kosher certification (Chief Rabbi of Lyons).

Internal controls 

  • Total traceability - raw materials and finished products
  • Organoleptic test - individual manufacturing batches
  • Microbiological analyses - individual batches.

External controls 

  • Microbiological & physical-chemical analysis plan.