soy supplement mixes


100% vegetable PROTEINS

A choice of quickly prepared, 100% vegetable protein rich savoury recipes... Tasty main dishes - both traditional and original - rich in texture, spices and herbs... To help forget the diet!


It’s the protein part of the meal, which has to be associated with normal food: vegetables + dairy products +/- fruits.

> Very effective in the protection of lean body mass (muscle tissue...) during a slimming low calorie diet, and greater satiety that helps reduce cravings between meals.

> Or, to eat occasionally, to keep the line.

  • Protein per portion: 12 g
  • Sugar per portion: 1.5 to 6 g maximum

List of standard flavors:

To know the flavors available or for further information on our range or custom developments recipe, thank you to contact our Sales Department.