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Meal replacements - VLCD - LCD

Balanced and complete for weight management!

For VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) or LCD (Low Calorie Diet)

European Directive 96/8EC.

> « all-in-one » products to replace a complete and balanced meal for breakfast, lunch or diner
> 18 sweet or savory instant preparations: cold, micro-waves, traditional oven or pan… as milkshakes, oatmeals, soups and other savory specialities

> anywhere meal-bars

Ideal for a meal « on-the-go »

To make a balanced and complete « all-in-one » meal:

  • if you are impatient or in a hurry
  • or if you can’t cook (work, shopping…)

In the case of weight control diet, or occasionally to keep the line!


For a tasty, varied, convivial and warn meal!